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There is a special Providence in the fall of a sparrow...

Jolie Rouge
"Bolitho tried to loosen one of the shutters, but only managed to move it very slightly. Watched by the others, he knelt down on the floor, ignoring the pain in his wounded thigh, and pressed his face to the shutter.

He said very softly, 'The sea. I can smell it.' He looked at them, as if he had revealed some great miracle. To sailors it was just that.

The sea.

They would be taken out of the carriage and shut away once more in some stinking prison. But it would not be the same, no matter what privation or suffering they had to face. How many men must have seen the sea as an enemy, a final barrier to freedom. But any sailor nursed it in his heart like a prayer:

Just get me to the sea, and somehow I'll reach home."

-Alexander Kent, A Tradition of Victory