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February 2008



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Mare atlanticum

Down by the river...down by the banks of the river Charles.

It is blazing hot here today in Mass, but the sea breeze is kicking the air around a bit and making it quite bearble. I still haven't gotten off my arse to get ready for the beach, so I may just thunk myself down on my folks' front lawn with a book and a Captain Morgan and do absolutely nothing for a change. I'm planning to see AWE again tonight (free passes because the last showing I went to here broke down...whoops) if I can find someone to scrape me off the lawn and shovel me into my long-suffering car.

Last night I watched Elizabethtown for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Orli's odd little American accent made me grin like a fool, and I really liked the character he played--a bright young man who has had his career effectively 'killed' by a massive marketing blunder, and must suddenly, in the midst of his own private turmoil, plan and execute his (somehwat estranged) father's funeral and burial. It wasn't a perfect film, and it had some contrived and wince-worthy lines, but overall it was a delightful way to spend a handful of hours. I may have to buy it on DVD.

Alright. Think I'll have a shower and go from there.

Also: I seem to have misplaced one of my cats in this house.


Wah. I want to come and lie on the grass with you while we read. (Tragically, if I attempt to do that here, it will pour on my head.)
There really is something very comforting about reading/studying with a friend. It's nice to be silent and focussed, but not alone. :)

In other words, I wish you were here, too. ;)
Hooray! Thank you!!!! I loves me the cheesy snowglobes!!!
Hurray! Rum and books all round! It's weird when you realise you aren't actually obligated to do anything, and can just have a good rest. Being lazy can almost be as hard as being motivated!

Hmm, Elizabethtown. It's a wonderful, terrible, marvellous mess of a film. I love so much about it, and it really stayed with me. I've got it on DVD, and I do watch it from time to time, and certain scenes play on my mind, but I think it would have been a much better film without the entire focus of Drew's redemption/salvation/happiness being hinged on Claire (plus it's deeply annoying that she's, well, annoying. And that she's obviously even more of a mess than him.). If it had been about him reconnecting with his family and his roots, and finding his own way out, without having to rely entirely on her, it would have been a much stronger film with a more positive message IMHO - that you are your own worst enemy, but also your own best friend. But hey, I am not Cameron Crowe. And I'm quite glad about that!
Heh, I'm just amused that I used my new Elizabethtown icon for the first time today for a comment to you - and you've just seen the film!
Have fun at the flicks, and I hope you find your elusive moggy!
Yeah, the Claire thing...she was just waaay too "quirky-cute" for me to handle. Her persistence with Drew struck me as terribly pitiful, and I can't imagine any male on the planet being attracted to that.

I agree that the focus of the film should have been more about Drew's reconnection with his family; it felt like there were fantastic characters there who were never explored (like Paula Deen's character...I wish we were told more about her).

But. There were moments that I loved. The "Free Bird" scene complete with the release of the giant flaming papier-mache dove had me in stitches. I also loved Rusty's video on learning to listen. "My condolences" was so painfully awkward it was immediately endearing. I could go on...I really should just suck it up and buy the thing.

*runs over to your journal*
Hey...that's weird about the icon! Hurray for the Orli-induced mind-meld!! ;)

(Aaaand, I did find the beast, thank you--hiding in plain sight, as per usual, watching me from the corner of the room as I called her on the top of my lungs for fifteen minutes. *shakes head* Cats.)
Also: I seem to have misplaced one of my cats in this hous

Run the can opener.
So, so true!!!!
Happy Birthday!