February 14th, 2008


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Title: Tabula in Naufragio
Author: ballincollig
Pairing/characters: Jack (in his younger life as John Teague), Captain Teague, a whole slew of OMCs and OFCs, the Black Pearl (in her former life as the Wicked Wench)
Rating: R, for some language and adult situations
Prompt: #56: "how Jack picked up all that Latin"
Summary: Young John Teague of Dublin indulges in some gratuitous Latin with a little blasphemy on the side.
Disclaimer: I own none of Disney's characters, though I feel pretty maternal towards my OCs. My version of "Captain Kidd" is based on the recording of the same name by Great Big Sea.
Warnings: Blasphemy, some naughty language, liberties with Latin translation.
Author's Notes: The idea to situate young John Teague in Ireland sprang from a comment Mr. Depp made back in 2003 regarding his use of the Dublin accent as one of the inspirations for Jack's motley accent; ainsoph15, bless her, solidified my belief in this idea after she shared some research she did into the surname "Teague." Collapse )

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