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February 2008




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Feb. 14th, 2008


(no subject)

Title: Tabula in Naufragio
Author: ballincollig
Pairing/characters: Jack (in his younger life as John Teague), Captain Teague, a whole slew of OMCs and OFCs, the Black Pearl (in her former life as the Wicked Wench)
Rating: R, for some language and adult situations
Prompt: #56: "how Jack picked up all that Latin"
Summary: Young John Teague of Dublin indulges in some gratuitous Latin with a little blasphemy on the side.
Disclaimer: I own none of Disney's characters, though I feel pretty maternal towards my OCs. My version of "Captain Kidd" is based on the recording of the same name by Great Big Sea.
Warnings: Blasphemy, some naughty language, liberties with Latin translation.
Author's Notes: The idea to situate young John Teague in Ireland sprang from a comment Mr. Depp made back in 2003 regarding his use of the Dublin accent as one of the inspirations for Jack's motley accent; ainsoph15, bless her, solidified my belief in this idea after she shared some research she did into the surname "Teague." ThanksCollapse )

Tabula in naufragio.Collapse )

Jun. 25th, 2007

Mare atlanticum

Down by the river...down by the banks of the river Charles.

It is blazing hot here today in Mass, but the sea breeze is kicking the air around a bit and making it quite bearble. I still haven't gotten off my arse to get ready for the beach, so I may just thunk myself down on my folks' front lawn with a book and a Captain Morgan and do absolutely nothing for a change. I'm planning to see AWE again tonight (free passes because the last showing I went to here broke down...whoops) if I can find someone to scrape me off the lawn and shovel me into my long-suffering car.

Last night I watched Elizabethtown for the first time, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Orli's odd little American accent made me grin like a fool, and I really liked the character he played--a bright young man who has had his career effectively 'killed' by a massive marketing blunder, and must suddenly, in the midst of his own private turmoil, plan and execute his (somehwat estranged) father's funeral and burial. It wasn't a perfect film, and it had some contrived and wince-worthy lines, but overall it was a delightful way to spend a handful of hours. I may have to buy it on DVD.

Alright. Think I'll have a shower and go from there.

Also: I seem to have misplaced one of my cats in this house.